Project Resistance is intended to be a fully transparent view into the process of conceiving, developing and selling an application for Windows Mobile. The idea here is that anyone will be able to look at how sausage gets made.

We're going to start by creating a production-quality application, following best practices for coding, etc. etc. All of the source code will be published here, and we will blog about the process, the thoughts we have, and the hurdles we encounter. Bear in mind that Alex and I are already experienced WinMo/Win CE developers, so it's not going to be a beginner's How-to type of process. We're not here to teach you how to wire up an event.


The application is going to be very simple, but something that's actually functional. It will allow you to select color bands on a resistor and it will tell you the resistance. Alternately you will be able to give it a resistance and the application will tell you what the color bands will be. If you have no idea what any of that means, take a look at the Wikipedia entry on resistors. Essentially a resistor has stripes on it and the stripes correlate to numbers, which tell you the resistance in ohms.

Once we have the application completed, we're going to go through the process of getting it into the Windows Mobile Marketplace. We've never gone through that process, so it should be educational all around.

We're still undecided, but I think we'll probably put the application up as a "for pay" item (at maybe $0.99). We're not planning on making money off of this, but we really want to see how Marketplace works for taking payments, getting paid, reports, refunds and that entire process.

Once we have that done, we've got some more nebulous plans for maybe tracking downloads versus usage (to track "unauthorized" proliferation) as well as seeing just how "secure" our IP is.

If you have thoughts or suggestions on any part of this project, feel free to post over in the Discussions area.

Source Code
There has been a little confusion here. If you click "Downloads" above, you'll see there are no releases, however, you can get the latest code as we progress at any time by clicking the "Source Code" link.

Project Requirements
  • The Application must run on WinMo 6.1 or later devices (if it works on earlier devices great, but we're not going to be testing for it)
  • The Application must run on both non-touch and touch devices. The curent list of test devices is:
    • HTC Dash 3G (WinMo 6.1)
    • HTC Touch Pro (WinMo 6.5)

Project Milestones/Goals
  • Create a project home on CodePlex (completed 10/22/09)
  • Create the application (started 10/22/09)
  • Register for the Windows Mobile Marketplace (completed 10/24/09)
  • Get the application approved
  • Application is publicly available
  • Attempt to subvert copy protection (if there is any)
  • Create service for tracking activation/usage
  • Maybe do the same for Android
  • Maybe do the same for iPhone

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